Winter sports holiday in England

"Snow falls" ... Yes, it snows in England and you can even ski, skate, toboggan or practice any other winter sports. Here are some of the activities you can have when spending winter vacation in England:

Skiing and hiking in the mountains

You can visit the Lake District to enjoy one of the highest mountains in England! This is where the Raise station is, with up to nine tracks open depending on weather conditions and a ski lift. This station is managed by volunteers and passionate members of the Lake District Ski Club. Don’t forget to take your equipment because there is no rental service up there. When you go there for mountain hiking in particular; the experience seems to be completely different, especially when you are accompanied by an experienced guide who knows every corner of the mountain. You can find an experienced guide from the mountain guides association "mountain tracks". It can be a beautiful expedition!

Skiing holiday accommodation

Holidays in the mountains usually go with skiing! In order to spend a serene stay, a good preparation in advance is crucial. This kind of trip can’t be improvised! You need to take care of accommodation booking, ski rental, lift passes, ski initiation lessons, daycare for children a couple of months before arrival... The first thing to do is to pick your ski station for this vacation. Visit and check the holiday homes available in all regions of England.

Skiing and snowboarding

Several ski stations are scattered all over England and offer the ultimate experience that combines snow, ice and leisure. Some of them have many preferences:
  • The Snowdome in Staffordshire County: it is an indoor space, opens year-round and offers ski and snowboard lessons regardless of the season. The main track is 170 meters long and all equipment is provided. Count less than 5 hours by car from Folkestone to get to it.
  • The Runcorn Ski Center in Liverpool: This center has 30, 45 and 85 meter wide tracks. Some even offer obstacles to overcome for the most experienced skiers and snowboarders. Chairlifts serve the various tracks. Plus: the station is open at night and offers skiing on beautiful powdered light ... No need to bring equipment, everything is rented on site. And for beginners, classes are offered as well!
  • Chill Factore in Manchester: This is the largest indoor ski station in England. The track is 180 meters long and 40 meters high. In addition, courses are offered and for the less well-equipped visitors, the rental of equipment is provided on site and even included in the price. It is a very good address that we highly recommend.

Curling in Kent

Curling is a sliding sport that is a traditional Scottish athletic event and is now played at the Olympic Games! Two teams of four compete on an ice rink. The game consists of throwing stones towards a target. Some define this original sport as a mixture of bowling and chess. Players are equipped with a broom and large stones of 20 kg. The material also consists of both a sliding and non-sliding sub-soles, in addition to warm clothing.


Curling, with a broom and stones; a very original winter sport in England!

Ice skating

From December until mid-January, ice rinks are installed in the heart of English cities. These temporary ice rinks brighten the historic centers and contribute, with the Christmas lights, to creating a great skating experience.
  • The ice rinks of London: A must-see winter attraction! They are close to all the iconic places like Somerset House, the Natural History Museum, the Tower of London and the London Eye. Even the big shopping centers of the capital offer hours of sliding for the pleasure of young and old visitors.
  • The Brighton Ice Rink: You can go to the Royal Pavilion to skate in an enchanting setting! The Brighton ice rink is considered the most beautiful ice rink in the southeast. In addition it is only 2 hours and a half from the terminal Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and is therefore an ideal spot to meet friends at the beginning or end of the holidays.
  • Winchester Ice Rink: This ice rink at the foot of Winchester Cathedral with its glass roof is worth a look! Until December 20, it is surrounded by the Christmas market.
  • Surrey Rink: Open all year in the Guildford Spectrum, it is popular with skating amateurs as it is Olympic-sized and only one hour drive from London (about 2 hours 30 minutes from Folkestone).
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